A Message From Our President, Peter J. Schaub.

Who We Are & What We’re All About.

NeoCertified is a secure communications provider located in Denver, Colorado. We’ve been providing commercial-grade digital security and encryption solutions to businesses, corporations, associations, and home users since 2002. We currently serve more than a half million users across thousands of businesses in all 50 states.

Initially, we only provided our commercial-grade secure email solution to enterprise accounts and large corporations. But as time passed, and the internet became a more unstable environment, we began to see the promise in providing our secure solution for both small and medium sized businesses, as well as home users.

About our President & CEO — Peter J. Schaub.

Peter Schaub is the President and CEO of NeoForte Solutions Group and NeoCertified Secure Communications based in Englewood, CO.

Peter founded NeoCertified in 2002 with the initial intent to supply small to medium-sized businesses with an affordable, simple, and seamless commercial-grade secure email solution. Since, he has transformed NeoCertified into a comprehensive nationwide secure communications provider.

Read More About Peter's Journey:

“I’ve really been an entrepreneur all my life.

Since I was ten years old, I have always run my own business: from mowing lawns and shoveling snow to maintaining a paper route. Then in high school, I began learning how to program computers and went on to complete custom programming for small businesses. I also personally built a few small computer systems.

After college — where I both received a degree in Computer Management Sciences and served in the US Navy as a Weapon’s Computer Specialist — I worked in the corporate environment, but I always seemed to maintain a business of my own on the side.

In 1993, I left the corporate world to explore options where I’d have more control of my earnings potential. I also wanted to increase my involvement in my young sons’ lives.

My first computer consulting practice, DPSC, was started later that year (1993) with two partners in California, which we ended up selling in 1999 at record price.

After selling the practice in ’99, I launched NeoForte Solutions Group, which was dedicated to developing and implementing secure financial applications. After implementing several very expensive and complicated secure email systems — and as a result of the HIPAA laws that were enacted in the late 90’s — I determined that there was a need for a low-cost, easy-to-use secure email requirement for small and medium businesses.

As a result, I co-founded and introduced NeoCertified in 2002 as a simple, affordable method that was both HIPAA and GLBA compliant. This would give small to medium sized businesses the ability to send secure email directly from Microsoft Outlook, as well as our secure browser-based portal.

From 2003 through 2008, we found that there were a limited number of small companies or practices that wanted to implement secure email, regardless that it was required by law.

Flash forward to 2008 when we began seeing a large number of banks in need of secure email due to recent government requirements for financial institutions. This was the result of the Gramm Leach Bliley Act’s (GLBA – 501b) requirements.

Over the course of the next year (2009), we saw a significant increase in the medical community, as a result of the enforcement of newly enacted HIPAA requirements. By 2010, NeoCertified was doubling in the number of customers nearly every year.

Since 2010, NeoCertified has implemented a number of significant enhancements to our basic product offerings, including compatibility with all Microsoft Outlook products, mobile-optimized components, a Secure Large File Transfer application, and a client-to-business website widget (CustomerConnect), which would allow a client to initiate a secure conversation with a business.

As a company, moving forward, we intend to continue our constant pace of technological progression. We plan on offering a wide array of secure products for our partners, clients, and customers, including a NeoCertified Secure Email integration for all major web-based email services, Secure Texting for smartphones, and cutting-edge Biometric security systems, among a plethora of other secure solutions.”

– Peter J. Schaub

Customer Connect

CustomerConnect is an inbound secure email contact form that allows your clients to initiate the secure conversation when and where they want. Try CustomerConnect for free today!


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