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 Secure Email Reviews                  Secure Email Reviews

I know our emails are safe and HIPAA regulated and our personal data is protected using NeoCertified. I found the price was good for our office, since we are a small orthodontic office, just getting started again.
Lucy Corradini A.

Manager, Michael J. Aguirre, DDS Orthodontist, LLC

Easy to use and deploy! Great customer service!
Ray K.

Voluntary Benefits

As a practicing attorney who needs to send draft documents containing very sensitive personal information I really needed to find a company I could trust. After a lot, and I mean a lot of research, I decided on contacting NeoCertified. What put them over the top over their competitors was the recommendations I received from employees of the State of Rhode Island who are using the service. My clients are happy, as am I, that sensitive information is being transmitted securely.
Jack P.

Attorney, Pitts & Burns

NeoCertified is easy to install and the usage meets HIPAA compliance rules. It offers the BAA document for company requirements. The service has a quick response and is quick to resolve any issues. It works with Outlook and other types of emails. The cost is extreme reason we looked for a new encryption. It saved us dollars immediately. Change from any other email encryption system you have NOW and save your contacts the hassle of other Email encryption frustration. Do it for them AND yourself. With a 30 day money back guarantee, there is no way you can go wrong! Getting health information securely to and from clients securely without a big monthly fee. I buy only what I need. Clients can understand how to open my Emails. The speed of sending and receiving is outstanding.
Don P.

Manager, KCAS

Easy to get setup. Integrates well with Outlook. You compose an email as usual and simply click the “Send Encrypted” button instead of the normal Send button. Doesn’t get any easier than that. Allows clients to exchange emails with sensitive information in a totally encrypted and secure environment. Has solved problems for Law Firms and companies with HR and accounting needs.
Eric W.

President, Computer Central Inc.

I like the ease with which the support responds and completely transforms old to new. This was absolutely the easiest support request I have ever put in. Especially considering that I am a retired Computer Network Engineer. Very easy to use and completely safe.
Burney B.

Broker, Commercial Division at West Charter Real Estate

It is easy to access my emails without having to access too many additional mailboxes. You should probably go ahead and use this program. It offers the best in email privacy. My company requires us to follow all HIPAA regulations. By using NeoCertified email, we never have to worry about names or other personal information getting out to people who should not have access.
Christopher D.

Drug & Alcohol Counselor

“[I like the] ease of use, and archival of important protected correspondence. Bonafide protection when transmitting records. This works well.”
Brian R.

Chief Operations Officer, Guardian Angel Hospice

“[I like that the] software integrates into Outlook E-mail and makes it convenient to send a secure message with a click of a send secure button. Saves us a lot of time by sending E-mail with confidential information rather than sending it through the regular mail.”
Carey H.

IT Manager, Raritan Bay Federal Credit Union

In addition to their secure email platform being robust and reliable, NeoCertified’s customer service is tremendous. Among all our vendors, I am continually impressed at the degree to which NeoCertified’s team surpasses my expectations. It was easy and rapid to implement, and the integration with our Exchange server and Outlook clients was simple.
Robin W.

President, Corios

“[I like the] ease of use, and archival of important protected correspondence. Bonafide protection when transmitting records. This works well.”
Brian R.

Chief Operations Officer, Guardian Angel Hospice

“I like that it is simple to use and that you have all the security steps included that I am required to have. My clients don’t have to be sent any additional codes or passwords either. So for them it is easy. Also the “read report” tells me someone has opened it.”
Sally W.

Employer Group Health Insurance and Benefits / Succeed With Purpose Training, SW Insurance Corp.

We have received solid, timely and consistent customer service from NeoCertified since using them.
Robin W.

Chief Financial Officer, GRX Holdings, LLC

NeoCertified is one of the best email encryption products that we tested. It provides a comprehensive solution for both our desktop users as well as our remote users. The system is very easy to administer, Outlook users like the integration into Outlook and our remote users are happy with the simple web interface. The individuals that receive secure emails from our computer are also happy with the service.
Keith F.

Technology Executive ■ HIPAA Officer ■ Team Builder ■ Infrastructure Architect ■ Technical Strategist, Developmental Disabilities Resource Center

The protection of out clients’ information has always been of the utmost importance to us and is mandated under the federal HIPAA laws. We rest assured knowing we, and our clients’ information is protected with NeoCertified when we are transmitting data !

In addition, how many large companies can you call the key principal of the company directly and actually be able to talk to them? We have had a couple of conversations with Peter and was one of the key reasons we selected NeoCertified.

NeoCertified is the best……plain and simple.

Bob C.

Owner / President, Custom Benefits Insurance Group

The integration with Outlook makes it easy for my employees to send and receive encrypted email. We wanted a solution that didn’t rely on users going to a separate portal and NeoCertified was the right mix of features and cost.
Kevin H.

Director of Information Technology, Imagine!

The customer service. NeoCertified back up their product with excellent customer service. They have added additional features which we are currently in progress for implementation.
Paul D.

C.E.O., Benefit Management Associates, Inc

“NeoCertified is easy for my staff to use and easy for the receiver to use.”
Donna L.

Board Member, Allied Collection Service Inc.

“We really like that fact that NeoCertified has many integration solutions with Microsoft Outlook, RDP, and many other solutions that allows my employees to work quickly when sending confidential documents by email. NeoCertified has helped us streamline the sending and receiving of secure documents.”
Mike T.

Vice President of Operations, CIC Mortgage Credit

The onboarding process is so much better to navigate than other products we evaluated. The setup is straightforward, and our clients have been very happy with the product. Technical as well as pre-sales support is great; overall we are pleased to offer NeoCertified Encryption to our clients.
Jim S.

Director of Operations, The Kyle David Group

Easy to implement, can with used with Microsoft Office.
Arthur C.

Treasurer, Maryland Association of Mortgage Professionals

Easy to use. Easy for my recipients to use.
Jackie C.

Progressive Executive Financial Director, DMK Restaurant Group

NeoCertified is very easy to Set up and Install. It integrates very well with the email Client that we use.

My users are very happy with it and use it several times a month.

Holly T.

Data Systems Manager, Community Options, Inc.

The product is very easy to use with MS Outlook. It is just one button and I have confidence that the email is sent safely.
Barry B. B.

CCIM and Managing Broker / Owner / Director, KW Commercial Real Estate, LLC

“Product deployment is user friendly and easily integrates with Microsoft Outlook.”
Tyler N.

President & CEO, Reveille Systems

“The encryption ability, knowing that our sensitive emails are sent protected.”
Kathy O.

Office Professional, MLT Medical Coding, Inc

NeoCertified is very user friendly and easy to use.
Amy B.

Manager of Client Development, Driver IQ

I like the fact that my client KNOW that I take security very seriously. My job requires me to handle peoples Social Security numbers and banking information and just watching the news at night makes people scared about security.
Butch H.

Partner, MLS Direct Network Inc.

The online web interface is easy to use, customer service is great and typically same day, and the Outlook integration is very easy and convenient, it makes sending and receiving secure emails effortless and thoughtless. I have worked with other encryption programs and NeoCertified is by far the most user friendly.
Alan W.

Deputy Director, Adult Care Management Inc.

I have very limited skills when it comes to programs and how to operate them. I like the simplicity of their service. Even someone limited like me has no problem using their program and I tried several companies before this with no luck.
Linda E.

Owner, Arkansas Benefits, Inc.

Being able to send PHI to other associates or hospitals and physicians without the danger of this information being obtained by someone outside of the recipient is outstanding!
Kathy H.

Administrative / HR Assistant, WellTrackONE, Corporation

Working in any business you have users that vary in their skill levels on a PC, but with Neocertified its a clean and simple process that any user- skill level can pick up and be instantly productive. As a technician, Neocertified’s tech support has been outstanding. Simple questions regarding their widget for web sites or more complex issues like a registry issue receive the same quality of attention leaving you confident that when you hang up the phone its resolved.
Chris P.

Hardware - Network Tech , Rockford Mutual Insurance

Support is great and they get back with you in a very timely manner.
Barb B.

EDP Officer, Campbell & fetter Bank

Security compliance of the system. Very reliable
Hector S.

Chief Financial Officer, Rio Grande Urology, PA

“NeoCertified is easy to use for our non-technical users. If they can use email, they can use NeoCertified. Outlook plugins make it a single click to encrypt. The fact that encrypted emails remain encrypted in replies is incredibly valuable. The tracking features were an unexpected bonus.”
Kevin A.

Director of Technology, Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

“[I like] the ease of use and reliability as well as great customer service. There is really nothing I do not like about this system.”
Cathy S.

Director of Operations, Arbor Rehabilitation

“I can’t believe the quick response to my email yesterday. I received an email from [NeoCertified Support] this morning. I called [them] and within 15 minutes, the problem that has been plaguing me for a couple of weeks was resolved. We are delighted that we chose NeoCertified for our secure mail tool. This isn’t the first time that we’ve had great support…[NeoCertified’s] people and product are awesome.
John A.

Pediatric Dentistry of Loveland

“[NeoCertified] is easily the best secure email system I have used; I am glad I made the switch. Could not be more satisfied with the product and service.”
Dawn M.

Vice President, Innovative Benefit Solutions

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