“Encrypted secure forms are contact forms that are encrypted at all times and presented in a simple, single line of HTML code to ensure that any information submitted using an encrypted secure form is protected & federally compliant from end-to-end.”

The importance of encrypted secure forms is not something to disregard, especially if you own or operate a business that sends private or sensitive user information across the web. For those who are unfamiliar, an encrypted secure form (or HIPAA-compliant contact form) is a form that is encrypted at all times and presented in a simple, single line of HTML code to ensure that any information submitted using the form is fully encrypted and federally compliant from end-to-end. This guarantees that the data sent across the secure form has no way of being accessed or abused by any third parties.

The purpose of a secure form or HIPAA-compliant form is to allow the sender the ability to transmit private information securely without having to take any login, account creation, or purchasing measures with a secure email service. If you were to use a standard contact form and not a secure form, documents and messages with sensitive, privileged information could be exposed by malicious third parties. One of the most common ways a security exposure occurs is from indelicate authentication. If a standard form is not properly validated, the information in the body of the message and the attached documents are then susceptible to fraud or malicious attack.

What They Do.

NeoCertified’s Secure Forms can help you or your business stay protected from both data breaches and third-party hacks. Our Secure Forms are encrypted at all times and are fully customizable, which will allow you to modify the input fields and the size of the form, all while meeting compliance requirements. Here at NeoCertified, we can tailor and customize your entire secure form specifically for your website based on your needs and wants. If you want full control of your secure form, we also allow the option for you to build your secure form before placing it on any website or webpage of your choice.

We provide website users the option to upload files and documents up to 200 MB in size securely and directly to your business, organization, or personal account in a matter of seconds! Our Encrypted Secure Forms are federally compliant and utilize commercial-grade encryption. We are compliant with federal regulations such as HIPAA / FINRA / FERPA / SOX / GLBA / and SEC. We guarantee that your clients will be able to send private information and communicate securely to your organization by giving them the power to compose their own encrypted messages.

“If you don’t have your own website, don’t worry! We can host your very own webpage with your own customized secure form directly on the NeoCertified.com website. Any private data or personal information submitted across our platform is encrypted at all times and is HIPAA compliant.”

Top 5 Ways Our Clients Use Encrypted Secure Forms

1. You can replace your standard website contact form with our Encrypted Secure Form if you want all contact form submissions encrypted at all times.

2. You can use a hyperlink in your own standard email signature block that will take your email recipient to your customized secure form, allowing them to compose secure messages to you and your organization. This will also allow them to send secure documents, new patient registration, patient files, and ePHI.

3. You can always put your secure form on a private webpage to allow only specific website visitors the ability to send secure documents and information to you or your organization.

4. Healthcare organizations can use our secure forms to create new patient registration forms and medical lab order forms that are HIPAA compliant. This will allow patients, clients, employees, and outside visitors to send HIPAA information securely in a matter of seconds.

5. Similar to medical lab order forms and new patient registration forms, any organization within any industry can use our secure forms to allow website visitors, clients, and employees the ability to send purchase orders containing credit card information, personal information, etc.