Do Not Buy Anything On A Non-Secure Website

Whenever you are about to purchase anything online, always remember to look for a small lock symbol that is displayed to the left of the URL in the address bar (as well as the HTTPS:// website formatting text). This lock symbol and “HTTPS” text indicate that whatever site you are on is protected and secure to purchase from.

HTTPS:// Formatting

Now, let’s explore what the HTTPS:// formatting actually means. The acronym HTTPS stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.” In relation to the also relevant HTTP formatting the ‘S,’ which stands for “Secure,” is what decides the fate of our wallets or personal information. It is used for secure communication over our computer’s network and acts as a safety net for your personal information. The HTTPS formatting also indicates that the site you are on contains an SSL certification.

Secure Sockets Layer.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and acts as a digital “permit” that validates the identity of a website and protects data that is sent through the server. It is also there to verify a client’s certificate and confirm that the website is secure. 

As long as the website you are visiting displays the lock icon or HTTPS formatting text you will be safe to enter passwords, personal information, or financial data.

Never Enter Personal Information On A Non-Secure Website.

It is important to note that when visiting a non-secure, unencrypted website, you never enter any of your personal information. Entering personal information on an unencrypted website will put you at risk of having your data breached or stolen. For those who are unfamiliar, another option you can easily use to safeguard your personal data is downloading the “HTTPS Everywhere” extension that both Firefox and Chrome support. This extension will request that any website you visit provides secure pages for you to interact with or purchase from.

Always Be Caustious When Visiting A Non-Secure Website.

Always be aware of what website you are on. If the website does not display the lock symbol or HTTPS formatting, then just know you are visiting a non-secure website that could potentially cause you harm. When online stick to what is familiar and you will be just fine!

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