Do Not Send Personal Information Over A Non-Secure Email PLatform

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Sending or receiving identifiable information over a non-secure email platform could cost you… 

Sending or receiving personal information over a non-secure email platform could be the difference between your information being stored safely, or getting breached by an experienced hacker. IT specialists have continuously addressed the risks of personal information being sent through a non-secure platform, but even with the advice of these professionals it is still a problem that occurs, and surprisingly quite often. 

An important point that most people may not realize is the mere fact that your basic email platform is not secure. Whether people disregard this or are simply unaware, it is important to know the facts. For one, once an email is sent there is no going back. Meaning that once it is sent, it can never be removed, deleted, or erased and there is no way to know for sure how long that data will exist on unprotected email servers. 

Surprisingly, rummaging through email is the most common type of Malware and it may be completely unintentional.

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common type of malware

“It is important that you install email security, firewalls, and anti-virus programs for the purpose of protecting your information and detecting any sort of data breach.”

It is important to understand that your email data is always kept as records or files on your device, and those files are easily accessed by programs that can read those files along with displaying attachments. If you click on arbitrary links, attachments, and messages that are unknowingly spam or virus-ridden, you may be compromising all of the data on your device or computer.

Data breaches and hacks occur in a variety of ways. A popular way hackers can breach your data is through your network. Once the attacker is able to access the network, let’s say from a corporate or small business, they will then be able to access private information from employees and could even dig a bit deeper to find personal information from the organizations database, where product development secrets, personal records, clients, and manufacturers information may be held…

The biggest problem with this sort of online attack is that it can go unnoticed for years and may never be traced. It is vital to install firewalls, email security, and anti-virus programs for the purpose of protecting your information and detecting any sort of data breach.

Malicious Attacks

Malicious attacks may also affect the server your unsecured email is sent through.

Think of a standard email server as a rest stop on a highway, thousands of people go in and out every day and many use personal forms of payment. Well, when they leave and take their forms of payment with them it’s pretty hard for someone to walk behind the counter and start writing credit card numbers down. The same applies to an unsecured email server except that the information you send is impossible to get back.

NeoCertified Secure Email

“Encrypted Email”

“Encrypted Email” may be an unfamiliar term to most and could even be a bit intimidating when you are uninformed to what this means. Facts are everything and the more you know the better off you will be. The term encryption is defined as, “the process of converting information or data into a code, especially to prevent unauthorized access.” Using an encrypted email service does just that and will protect your personal, business, or family accounts from getting breached and therefore losing your privacy to viruses or malware.


If you are a business owner you may be asking yourself well this is all fine and dandy but how much do I need to “cough up” to protect my organization’s online security. Well let’s get straight to the point, the average price range for email encryption is a monthly charge of between $4 and $10 per account on average, with the median price of about $8, per account per month. This is a relatively inexpensive fee for the level of security being provided.

What are you waiting for?

It is important to know that email encryption is often synonymous with commercial-grade software and large corporations, but now can be easily accessible for regular people and small to medium-sized businesses at a reasonable cost. Another misconception with email encryption is that it is hard to set up. With our platform, all you have to do is tell us that you want to buy it and we set it up for you! All you have to do is create a password and with a click of a button, you will be able to start sending secure emails.

Do not let the term “encryption” scare you away from protecting your data and information that is most important to your business, clients, employees, or yourself.

       Written by,
       Andrew Stiegler