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Don’t hesitate to drop your mail at the post office to protect sensitive information

Now that the holidays are in full swing, people are sending and receiving a lot more mail than usual. The United States Postal Service is estimating that hundreds of millions of holiday packages will be sent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. While many of us will be enjoying some time off this holiday season it is important to know that thieves will not be, and if you are sending sensitive information through the mail it can be a risky maneuver, depending on how you are sending it. This goes for personal email accounts as well.

Send Your Personal Information Through a Secure Messaging Portal.

For instance, let’s say you want to send your Social Security number to your boss through your personal email account. Well, you should know that it won’t be hard for an internet thief to intercept it through malicious activity. The only way to truly protect your information from hackers is to either send it through a secure messaging portal, such as NeoCertified, or by dropping it off at your local post office. Now, don’t get this confused with those big blue boxes out front of the post office, I’m talking about interacting with the extremely positive and vibrant workers inside! I know, waiting in line at the post office can be a drag and dealing with the employees isn’t much better, but it could be the difference between your sensitive information being stolen or landing safely at its intended destination!

Don’t Drop Personal Information in a Mail Drop-Box!

Now, you may be asking yourself why can’t I just put it in the drop-off box down the street or outside the post office? This is because thieves nowadays are using a tactic called “fishing” to bypass the security of drop-off mail boxes. The “fishing” technique is usually done by using something sticky, such as a mouse trap, and then tying it to a long string that can pull mail out of the drop-box. If the thieves are lucky enough to “catch” personal information, depending on what’s inside, they could steal credit card info, Social Security numbers, or any other sensitive data sitting in the drop-box. This also means that the holiday card and check you may be sending through the mail could be intercepted as well. The scary part about checks being stolen is that a thieve could use that information to make counterfeit checks to purchase items on your behalf.

Be Careful Putting Personal Mail In Your Mail Box to be Sent Out.

Leaving mail in your personal mail box to be sent out could also cost you… It’s no surprise that crooks and criminals alike are targeting mailboxes to steal identities and personal information. Some are even dressing up to impersonate mail carriers so they can steal mail without being noticed. So, it’s important to not leave mail in the mailbox any longer than necessary and to monitor your bank accounts routinely to spot any unusual activity.


To protect your sensitive data or parcels you may want to send over the holidays, make sure you are using an encrypted messaging portal or drop your mail at the post office. This will ensure your packages, letters, checks, or cash will arrive safely to their proper destinations.


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