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Convenience & Security For Tax Professionals

NeoCertified serves as the answer to your security compliance issues. The most convenient and secure email solution is here to best serve tax professionals who not only want to save money, but time as well. The entire process is time-consuming and rather arduous, but with our secure email solution you’ll be able to communicate securely with your clients in a matter of minutes. Our solution is compatible with mobile devices, all versions of Microsoft Outlook, and all web browsers.

We also provide 24/7 US-based customer support, and we even allow all of your secure email recipients to reply securely, at no extra cost. Our solution has you covered for all federal email compliance requirements, including: GLBA | SOX | FERPA | SEC | HIPAA | TILA | RESPA

NeoCertified Standard Features

Secure Email Solution

Security + Simplicity

Both the Cloud-based portal and the Outlook add-in provide commercial-grade 256-bit encryption for every secure message. All of your sensitive tax documents and messages will be protected in all phases, and you’ll also have the options of tracking, auditing, and retracting secure messages.


NeoCertified’s Secure Email Solution is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook. This means is that you’ll be able to both send and receive secure messages directly from your Outlook application. Send files up to 20MB in size with the assurance that your message will be sent protected in transit and at rest.


NeoMobile, our fully optimized NeoCertified mobile site, comes complimentary with every full license. You’ll be able to send and receive secure messages from any internet-connected device, from anywhere in the world.

Customer Connect — Secure Contact Form


Connect Instantly

Customer Connect is a secure contact form on your website that gives your clients the power to send secure messages directly to your business. Whether it’s tax season and they need to securely send your their completed tax forms, or it’s a question regarding their account, clients and customers will be able to securely connect with your business at any time.

Customer Connect is extremely versatile and can be placed anywhere on your website. Once enabled, as an accountant you may want to choose to place downloadable PDF documents onto the same page (such as tax forms), which will give your clients everything they need for the upcoming tax season. Once they submit the documents with Customer Connect, they’ll be all set… Success!

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24/7 Customer Support

At NeoCertified, we understand that accountants and tax professionals work on stringent schedules: contacting clients, meeting tax deadlines, and submitting confidential information. That’s why we’re here around the clock 24/7.

From the initial setup process to troubleshooting any issues you may be having with our secure products, our customer support team is here to ensure that your experience is a smooth and seamless one.