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Protect Your Healthcare Organization From HIPAA Violations

HIPAA and HITECH penalties levied against a business that handles healthcare information is extremely detrimental to that business’ stability, both financially and by way of reputation. This means that adopting a security solution that will ensure not only your compliance with federal regulations, but also the safety of those that entrust your business with their private information.

By utilizing a secure email solution, you’ll also be protecting both your employees and clients from threats like identity theft, which has become a worldwide epidemic. Our solution ensures the confidentiality of all emails and their corresponding attachments. We also offer a non-repudiation signature, full email monitoring, and full auditing ability of all secure emails.

All covered entities are required to abide by HIPAA and HITECH policies.

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NeoCertified Standard Features

Protecting ePHI In The Cloud

Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) is considered extremely sensitive patient data that both state and federal regulations through HIPAA and HITECH have deemed a priority to protect. This data, regardless if it’s stored, transmitted, or transferred must remain secure at all times. The penalties for violating any regulations concerning ePHI may reach $1.5 million. With our SSAE 16 Type II Certified Data Center, you can be sure that all health information remains secure at all times.

Preserve Your Business' Reputation

As penalties imposed upon a business violating HIPAA and HITECH policies continue to rise, it’s hard to lose sight over what else may be lost if a violation occurs. The reputation, credibility, and sheer clout that a business has developed through the nourishment of relationships with clients, partners, employees, so on and so forth, can be lost in a single instant. HIPAA penalties often receive significant media coverage and are put on display for the world to see, denouncing your business of all integrity.

Mobile Access

Give your organization the opportunity to communicate effectively and efficiently through our secure Cloud-based portal that not only protects the confidentiality of your emails, but also speeds up communication times. Whether you’re dealing with customers, clients, employees, business partners, or other medical organizations, your emails will remain protected at all times when sent securely.

Non-Repudiation & Digital Signature

A provided digital signature from NeoCertified certifies the original sender of the email. Through non-repudiation, all emails have the ability of being monitored and tracked to verify authenticity. Also, you can stay on top of all of your secure email responses with access to your full email audit history, including a history of the attachments.

What is a covered entity?

Any person or organization that has access to, transmits, or stores ePHI is considered a covered entity. Subcontractors must also comply and document that they are compliant with a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.

What can you do to become compliant?

  1. According to HIPAA, any company that handles medical records is considered a “Business Associate” and would need to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). NeoCertified is happy to provide a BAA for any of our customers.
  2. Using a secure email solution, such as NeoCertified, ensures that all emails dealing with ePHI are only accessible by entitled covered entities.
  3. Train and re-train your medical staff who access ePHI. Also, medical records need to be updated with HIPAA procedures regularly.
  4. To find out more about regulations and email-related requirements, you can read the entire HIPAA Security Rule here.

The benefits:

  • User-friendly applications
  • Reduce healthcare compliance costs/penalties
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Cloud-based access portal
  • Secure mobile access is available
  • Secure email for healthcare providers, employees, users, and associates