Secure email for educational facilities.

Email Encryption Made Easy

Secure email for educational institutions.

The surge in data breaches and cyber attacks continues to grow every year, making it a top priority to employ only the best preemptive digital security methods. NeoCertified is happy to offer its Secure Email Solution at a discounted price to all educational and non-profit facilities!

Starting at only $79 per user/per year… NeoCertified is the only secure email provider in the nation to offer a discount for higher education institutions, school districts, and public and private schools.

Secure Forms

Customize our HTML Secure Form and place it directly on your website! Don’t have your own website? Don’t worry we can host your very own Secure Form for you.

Email Archiving

Access, deliver, and store archives of all previously sent and received secure email messages and attachments with our Secure Archiving email solution.

Encrypted API

Give your business the ability to access our secure email solutions directly from your business application, making email encryption that much easier.

Easy encryption,

Even better protection

Cloud-based portal

Achieve FERPA compliance with NeoCertified

Our Secure Cloud-Based Portal protects student information by adding encryption to your emails. The secure portal is also FERPA compliant, HIPAA compliant, and trusted by thousands of customers nationwide.

Easy to set up and even easier to use

It takes only minutes to set up your Secure Cloud-Based Portal so you can easily access secure data which is encrypted at all times. Send your first encrypted email today with NeoCertified!

The options are endless with our Secure Portal

Send files up to 1GB in size in just a matter of minutes! You can also customize recipient access by disabling the forwarding option, and setting the expiration period so your data remains safe even when received.


The recipient process

Once a large file has been sent you’ll see a secure email notification in your inbox, click the provided link to access your secure message. Then you’ll simply create an account and once signed in you’ll be able to access your large file.


Secure Email For Educational Institutions

FERPA – Family educational rights and privacy

Adding a secure email solution for educational institutions is the next step in compliance. Educational records that contain a student’s personally identifiable information (PII) that the educational institution maintains are protected under The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

FERPA is a privacy act that prohibits the improper disclosure or tampering of a student’s information. This includes when a student’s record or file is transferred across standard email and stored in a school’s database. Our Secure Email Solution exceeds all FERPA requirements, protecting your emails and data in transit and storage.

Secure email for educational facilities.