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Insurance companies handle the most sensitive of client information, as social security numbers, account numbers, and pieces of personally identifiable information. Making sure that you are utilizing a secure insurance email solution that will ensure your clients that their information will remain secure is paramount.

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NeoCertified Standard Features

How Can Secure Email Help You?

Secure email for insurance brokers and agents helps protect sensitive client information, especially during times of transference or storage. With NeoCertified’s secure email solutions, you can also track, retract, and audit all emails sent securely.

Compliance With GLBA

Since insurance companies must comply with the regulations under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), utilizing a secure email solution is one step that can be taken to help ensure the transference of sensitive information remains secure. A secure email solution would store client information in a protected server, allowing access to only specified recipients by way of an account and password.

Tracking And Auditing Secure Emails

Using NeoCertified, you’re given the option of tracking and auditing each secure email that is sent. You are also given the option of receiving notifications with read-receipts that inform you that your email has or hasn’t been read by the recipient. This will allow you to fully monitor each and every secure email.

Discounted Pricing*

NeoCertified offers discounted pricing dependent upon the volume of licenses needed. All licenses are able to send and receive an unlimited number of secure emails over the course of the annual license.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

NeoCertified offers a full refund on your purchase if you are not fully satisfied with our secure email solution within the first 30 days of using the product.

Multiple Ways To Access Your Secure Account

NeoCertified currently offers three unique ways of accessing your secure account to send/receive emails:

  1. Cloud-based portal access via any web browser
  2. Microsoft Outlook plug-in that integrates with your current Microsoft Outlook desktop account
  3. Mobile access from any internet-connected device via our fully optimized NeoMobile page.