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Non-Profit Secure Email Solutions

State and federal regulations require all Non-Profit organizations to protect any private data relating to specific individuals from within their establishment, including emails and digital documents. Start protecting your Non-Profit organization today with our Secure Email Solution!

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Electronic mail has come a long way in the last 50 years, and the ability to commercialize standard email applications has made it possible for millions to connect with each other via online communication. NeoCertified’s Secure Email Solution makes it possible to not only connect with your intended recipients but to also protect the content from within the message, we also offer a complimentary Microsoft Outlook integrated plug-in, so you don’t even need to leave your browser to send securely!

Cloud-Based Portal

Our secure Cloud-Cased Portal is the central hub for composing, sending, and receiving secure emails. From the portal, you can also retract sent messages, run message reports and perform full audits!

Secure mobile access available
-User-friendly application
Microsoft Outlook integration available
-30-day money-back guarantee
Cloud-based secure email solution
-Reduce compliance costs and eliminate compliance fees

we also offer a secure inbound email option called Customer Connect, which allows clients to compose and send secure messages (with attachments) directly on your website. And for larger healthcare organizations, our encrypted API integration is the perfect complement, which would allow your users to access our secure solution directly from your business application!

Secure Email for Non-Profit Organizations

Tech Support Around The Clock

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Our clients are our number one priority, plain and simple! That’s why we work around the clock to ensure we provide the most efficient and most effective customer support assistance possible. All of our support technicians are US-based and we also provide tech support to all of our clients’ recipients!

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