Our Secure Email Solution gives individuals access to our secure portal…

NeoCertified For Personal Use 

For over 12 years, NeoCertified has been protecting client information with corporate-grade encryption to ensure the security and protection of all documents sent through our secure portal.

Personal Use Solutions

NeoCertified offers military-grade encryption to individuals looking to send and receive secure email and attachments for their own personal use.

From our secure portal, you’ll be able to send & receive, monitor, audit and retract previously sent secure messages. You can even set up read-receipt notifications to inform you when your message has been read, and also read-reminder notifications when the message hasn’t been read.

We also offer Microsoft Outlook integration, giving you the power to send and receive directly from Outlook, as well as a mobile optimization so that you can access the secure portal directly from your phone or tablet.

Identity theft occurs on a daily basis; personally identifiable pieces of information are sent unsecured each and every day, leaving you vulnerable to attack. Protect yourself and protect your family today with a secure email solution that you can trust.

Personal Information To Protect

Tax Forms  |  Medical & Health Records  |  Credit & Debit Card Numbers  |  Driver’s License Numbers  |  Account Information

Cloud-Based Portal

A plethora of features and preferences make up NeoCertified’s secure cloud-based portal. Not only will you be able to send & receive secure email, but you’ll be able to retract sent messages, run message reports, and perform full email & document audits!

-Discounted Home User Pricing
-30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
-24/7 US-based Customer Support
-No Long-Term Contracts
-Federal Email Compliance

Mobile Access

In 2020, your mobile phone has become somewhat of an absolute necessity. So, shouldn’t you be able to send & receive your secure emails and documents directly from your mobile device? Here at NeoCertified, we give an emphatic “Yes”. Try it out today!

Secure mobile access available
-User-friendly application
Microsoft Outlook integration available
-30-day money-back guarantee
Cloud-based secure email solution
-Reduce compliance costs and eliminate compliance fees

We’re proud to offer home users the opportunity to employ the same secure email solution that our corporate accounts have used and trusted since our inception in 2002. Individual home users can also receive special discounted pricing, so give us a call for more information.
Peter Schaub

Founder & CEO, NeoCertified