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Our encrypted email API solution can easily be implemented into your software, allowing you to send secure emails directly from the application that holds non-public information (NPI). What is an email API? An email API (application programming interface) gives applications access to the functionality available in an email platform, such as generating and sending transactional emails, manipulating templates, and enabling access to email metrics.

HIPAA Compliance

NeoCertified ensures the encryption of all emails containing HIPAA-specific safeguards including administrative, physical, and technical. Our HIPAA-compliant email security solution is compliant with all regulations making it perfect for the healthcare industry. Most healthcare organizations need to be HIPAA Compliant and can receive hefty fines for noncompliance.

24/7 US-Based Customer Support

Tell us your needs and we’ll find you the best solution! You can also schedule a remote session today with one of our support experts to receive faster installation of any purchased NeoCertified products. At NeoCertified, customer support is our number one priority, which is why our technical support representatives work around the clock so you don’t have to! Send us an email at support@neocertified.com or give us a call at (877) 613-5036!

Nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization Pricing

We are happy to offer any charities or 501(c)3 non-profit organizations single-user accounts starting at just $59 billed annually. For multiple user quotes please contact our sales team so we can provide greater discounts on accounts. Our focus is to accommodate and support charity businesses. A non-profit organization’s mission and purpose are to further a social cause and provide a public benefit – NeoCertified wants to help!

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Encryption solutions for any organization and business

NeoCertified’s Secure Email API is an enterprise-centric product that allows your company to access our secure email services directly from your business application, making sending and receiving secure emails that much simpler.

NeoCertified’s API functionality

All your data will be secure from within the application, excluding the email address and the message’s subject line. After the sending process, the recipient will then receive a clear email notification prompting them to log in to our HIPAA-compliant secure email portal, they will not need to download or purchase anything to view the message but instead, just create a password and password reminder question to gain access to their email delivery.

Secure email API solutions

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Here at NeoCertified, we respect your privacy and security, the information that you provide us will remain strictly confidential. Nevertheless, a copy of your message may be stored in our records as a database entry for archival purposes only.

How does API email work?

Our API calls the service provider containing your inbound and outbound email data and secures it in real-time. Keeping you protected from cyber security threats such as data breaches, phishing, malware, and ransomware. Data collected by our API includes the email address of the recipient, subject line info, email body text, and any attachments.

Simple implementation

Our encrypted email API can be implemented directly into your software, allowing you to send secure emails directly from the application that holds NPI (Non-Public Information).

NeoCertified will provide an SDK (Software Development Kit) to implement the API into your software source code for secure email encryption. Contact us to learn more about API implementation.

NeoCertified API Security

Choose the best secure email. All of our secure email solutions, including the Encrypted Email API integration, utilize federally compliant encryption processes. Check out some of our Technical Specifications:

  • Certified Type 2 SOC 1/2/3 Audited Datacenters
  • NIST Certified AES 256-bit Encryption
  • TLS 1. x (Transport Layer Security Protocol Communication)
  • FIPS-140 Compliant
Access to our Secure Cloud-Based Portal

Monitor and report all secure emails sent from your application with our Cloud-based secure web portal. Configure your secure email gateway to make sure only users with the proper permissions can access your data.

Meet all federal regulatory requirements for transferring Non-Public Information while reducing potential costs and penalties and increasing the speed of email transmission. Inside our co-branded portal, you’ll be able to retract emails, set up read receipts for specified secure emails, and set up reminder emails that will be sent to your recipients if a secure email goes unread for a customizable period.

Federal Compliance

NeoCertified’s Encryption Email API integration is state-wide and federally compliant with all email security requirements.

  • SEC
  • SOX
  • GLBA
  • FCRA
  • GDPR

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