NeoCertified Secure EmailWhen boxes full of confidential documents, including social security numbers and tax returns, are left by the wayside (literally dumped next to a building), as it recently happened in Centennial, CO, one begins to question how secure their own personal information really is. And what could happen if a business that is entrusted to properly handle and dispose of your sensitive documents decided to expose their clients in one swift move.

This type of breach will no doubt bring about legal repercussions to the responsible parties, but it also calls into question the company’s ethical reputation, or lack thereof. How do you know that the companies that you confide in abide by the same moral and ethical standards that you would expect? The grim reality of the matter is that you won’t know, perhaps until it’s too late.

This is why a secure email provider can help give you peace of mind, knowing that your transferred documents remain safe within a secure portal that only you and your designated recipients have access to. Don’t subject yourself to the potential horrors of the blatantly unscrupulous actions that an unsecured company may take.

All NeoCertified messages are protected and compliant with both state and federal regulations, and each message is accessible through a digital audit trail, where you’re capable of seeing who accesses your messages.

Utilize a secure email system for yourself, your clients, and any affiliated companies that you do business with. We also offer a free secure recipient response with the transference of your own personal documents (or those of your clients) to another business, protecting your information from potential breach.

Don’t wait around for others to change how they handle your own information … Change it for them; take matters into your own hands and secure your documents.


Samuel Lang

NeoCertified – Content Manager




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