Customer Connect

NeoCertified’s Secure Web Form gives your website users a simple way to send sensitive information securely, all while meeting compliance requirements.
You can place your specific Customer Connect HTML code anywhere on your website!


Unencumbered Versatility

A few examples of how our secure web forms are being used:
Email Signature Block (hyperlink)
Contact Page (on website)
Designated Submission Page (website)
Social Media (profile)


Ease of use

Our user-friendly design makes implementation and adoption effortless:
Anyone with an internet-connected device has the ability to use secure communication intuitively and effectively.
You can place the piece of HTML code on any webpage of your choosing.

Enhance your image

Using a secure inbound email channel for your website visitors, cultivates an image of responsiveness, accessibility, & concern for your client’s security & well-being.
Show your clients and customers that you really do care with our inbound secure email solution.

What Is A Secure Web Form?

NeoCertified’s Secure Web Form is an HTML encrypted contact form that can be placed anywhere on your website, & offers your customers a groundbreaking way to establish a secure conversation with anyone inside of your organization. Show your customers that you care, provide them with a protected channel of communication that they can access directly from your website.

Try Our Secure Web Form Right Now!

Whether you need to send tax documents, health forms, or any other type of sensitive data, you can do so directly from our inbound Secure Web Form.

NeoCertified’s secure email solution is fully customizable and can be edited at any time in a matter of minutes. A NeoCertified team member can set up your form for you all you will have to do is paste the HTML code on your website and it will be active immediately.

You can create your secure form in a matter of minutes with as many fields as you want, each with their own title. 

If you don’t have a website, we can provide a customized web page for your secure form for an additional annual fee.

Start Your Secure web form today!