Secure Email Google Chrome

Secure In Gmail

All it takes is the click of a button to send secure in Gmail. You can also log in to our secure web portal from any internet-connected device from anywhere in the world! Our Secure Email Google Chrome solution is perfect for personal or business use.

NeoCertified’s integration goes above and beyond the standards of secure email. Our job isn’t just to protect your security but to also make the sending and receiving process as convenient as possible. This is why we have gone through great lengths to not only ensure the safety of your information but to implement a fast and easy process so you don’t even have to leave your Gmail browser to send securely. Get started with our Secure Email Google Chrome extension today!

Secure Email Google Chrome


How Does It Work?

Secure Email For Gmail

Add the Secure Email Google Chrome Extension in seconds and you’ll be able to send & receive secure emails from Google Chrome & Gmail!

Send & Receive

Send your secure email messages from Google Chrome & Gmail, or from the NeoCertified Secure Email Portal with up 100 MB attachments.

Access On All Devices

Phone, tablet, or computer… Regardless of the device, you can send an unlimited amount of secure email messages with NeoCertified.

“Very cool. Love the innovation you and your team are always working on.
Also, love your service, and our patients do as well. You make us look good.”

K.S., IT Manager

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