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NeoCertified provides end-to-end encryption directly to your email application so every email you send is HIPAA compliant and protected from any external threats. Our military-grade data center maintains top-of-the-line cryptographic keys that ensure the privacy of each email you send.

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Our Add-Ins and Extensions integrate with all of the most popular email applications along with a Secure Portal that stores all of your HIPAA compliant emails and attachments in the cloud so you’ll never lose track of an email. Get started today!

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Our Secure Email Portal App is easy to use and is complete with a free HIPAA compliant Business Associates Agreement (BAA). Don’t wait, send HIPAA compliant email today with our mobile App.

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We are happy to offer 501(c)3 Non-Profit organizations single-user accounts starting at just $59 billed annually. For multiple user quotes please contact our sales team so we can provide greater discounts for you and your employees! NeoCertified loves charities!

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Access your inbox, compose new messages, and configure your preferences for inbound and outbound emails all by way of our secure email gateway.

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Our HIPAA compliant email service ensures the privacy and protection of a message being sent containing any healthcare-related information including ePHI or PHI. It is necessary for all healthcare organizations, covered entities, and business associates to utilize a HIPAA-compliant email service so that any healthcare-related information being sent/or received is protected in both transit and in storage.

HIPAA email compliance with NeoCertified is easier than 1,2,3!

From our Cloud-Based Secure Portal to our many integrated email Add-ins and Extensions NeoCertified will help you achieve full HIPAA email compliance so you won’t ever need to worry about HIPAA violations, fines, data breaches, or email messages being read by unwanted parties. Send and receive unlimited HIPAA compliant emails with NeoCertified.

Don’t fall victim to email breaches or online attacks. NeoCertified will protect all of your healthcare-related information. Whether it be an email containing ePHI or a private attachment from your doctor we’ve got you covered!

HIPAA breaches by occurrence and by people effected in December 2022.

Email and network breaches are by far the most common types of violations that occur each year, and the only way to really be safe from these attacks is to use an encryption service. Using an email encryption service such as NeoCertified will better protect against unwanted surveillance and make your online business communication HIPAA compliant with every email you send.

Network Breaches In December 2022

People Were Affected By Network Breaches In December 2022

Email Breaches In December 2022

People Were Affected By Email Breaches In December 2022

"NeoCertified is easy to install and the usage meets HIPAA compliance rules."

Don Prentice
Manager, KCAS

NeoCertified is the Best!

“The protection of our clients’ information has always been of the utmost importance to us and is mandated under the federal HIPAA laws. We’re assured knowing ours, and our client’s information is protected with NeoCertified when transmitting data.

Bob C.
Owner, Custom Benefits Insurance Group

Very Simple to Use!

I have very limited technical skills when it comes to programs and how to operate them. I like the simplicity of their service. Even someone limited like me has no problem using their program and I tried several companies before this with no luck.

Linda E.
Owner, Arkansas Benefits, Inc

HIPAA Compliant email requirements

HIPAA email requirements

There are five (5) specific HIPAA requirements as related to email.  (Click here to review the actual HIPAA Security Rule)

1. Access Controls: A covered entity must implement technical policies and procedures limiting access to systems containing electronically protected health information (ePHI) only to personnel with sufficient access rights. (164.312 (a)) The Access Controls specifications include:

2. Audit Controls: A covered entity must implement software that records and examines activity in information systems that contain or use ePHI. (164.312 (b))
+ Having unique user identification.
+ Having an emergency access procedure
+ Having an automatic logoff process
+ Having encryption & decryption process

3. Integrity: A covered entity must implement policies & procedures to protect ePHI from improper alteration or destruction. (164.312 (c)). This includes having a mechanism to authenticate ePHI.

4. Person or Entity Authentication: A covered entity must implement procedures to verify a person or entity accessing ePHI is the one claimed. (164.32) (d))

5. Transmission Security: A covered entity must implement technical measures to guard against unauthorized access to ePHI that is being transmitted over an electronic communications network (164.312 (e)). This includes having integrity controls & encryption.

HIPAA email violation examples
  • The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research agreed to the HIPAA penalty of $3.9 million for multiple HIPAA violations … Learn More
  • North Memorial Health Care agreed to a penalty of $1.55 million for multiple HIPAA violations after “failing to implement a business associate agreement with a major contractor and failing to institute an organization-wide risk analysis to address risks and vulnerabilities to its patient information” … Learn More
  • Complete P.T., Pool & Land Physical Therapy, Inc. has agreed to a settlement penalty of $25,000 plus the adoption and implementation of corrective action plans for failing to safeguard protected health information (PHI) … Learn More
  • The University of Washington Medicine failed to “implement policies and procedures to prevent, detect, contain, and correct security violations”, which has resulted in a $750,00 HIPAA settlement penalty, including a corrective action plan … Learn More

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