Secure Email Pricing

Secure Email Pricing Plans

*We’re Proud To Offer Complimentary BAAs For All Healthcare Organizations*


If you’re looking for an agile partnership in reselling secure email encryption, you’re in the right place.

All of our secure solutions, including our flagship Secure Email Solution, are compliant with federal regulations, regardless if it’s HIPAA | SEC | FINRA | SOX or GLBA.

We make our reselling method as easy as possible: from our simple online registration process to our Partner-Reseller Portal that’s loaded with tons of whitepapers, video tutorials, press releases, testimonials, and much more, you’ll be reselling in no time!

We also understand that our partner-resellers are looking for monetary gains, which is why our solutions come at a deep discounted rate, allowing you to resell at a price point of your own choosing. We give you full control to dictate all of your pricing plans.

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