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NeoCertified’s Secure Forms are available for businesses of all sizes and can be placed on your webpage in just a matter of seconds. If you don’t have your own website, don’t worry! NeoCertified can host your very own page with your Secure Form for you. Any and all data submitted across NeoCertified’s Secure Forms are encrypted at all times and are HIPAA-compliant with current laws & regulations.

Our Secure Forms can be built from scratch by the NeoCertified team based on your provided requirements or can come pre-loaded from NeoCertified’s ‘Standard’ Secure Form option. Each Secure Form can be customized in a number of ways: add an unlimited number of fields, customize field labels, enable field requirement options, and place “File Upload” fields for your clients.

Customizable Fields

NeoCertified can customize the entire Secure Form based on the fields & requirements you provide, or you can request NeoCertified’s Standard Option (see example above), to create the Secure Form perfect for your business (additional fees apply). Place the form on your website, or in your signature block.

Secure File Upload

Allow website visitors to upload files and documents up to 200 MB in size securely directly to your organization in a matter of seconds. From patient files and health records to tax documents and payment information, your clients now have the ability to upload files securely to your organization without any hassle.

Meet Compliance Requirements

All submissions across the NeoCertified Secure Forms are compliant with federal regulations, such as HIPAA / FINRA / FERPA / SOX / GLBA / and SEC. Ensure that your clients are able to communicate securely with your organization by giving them the power to compose their own secure messages with Secure Forms.

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