Give your clients and website visitors a secure channel of communication that they can directly access.

Choose between a pre-built HTML form that can be directly placed on your website, or customize your very own HTML form.

Secure Contact Form

Customize our HTML Secure Form and place it directly on your website! Don’t have your website? Don’t worry we can host your very own Secure Form for you.

Customer Connect

Our most basic HTML form comes pre-built and can be directly placed on your website, giving your clients a fast and easy way to communicate securely.


We wanted to create a fast and easy way for business owners and their clients to communicate securely on their websites with no passwords and no portals!

Security for yourself and clients

Supercharge your website with the power of encryption

NeoCertified’s Secure Contact Form gives your website users a simple way to send sensitive information securely, all while meeting compliance requirements and protecting you from hackers. You can place your specific online form HTML code anywhere on your website! (Does not apply to Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail email accounts, or unique domains.


Years Experience

NeoCertified has been providing businesses of all kinds with military-grade data encryption since 2002

Protect Your Data

Your data is safer and more secure with us!

Easy To Get Set Up!

"Allows clients to exchange messages with sensitive information in a totally encrypted and secure environment. Has solved problems for law firms and companies with HR and accounting needs."

Eric W.

President, Computer Central Inc.


Secure Signature Link

Customize your online business communication

Allow your clients, email recipients, website visitors & anyone who can see your signature block to send you secure messages using NeoCertified in a matter of seconds.

Give patients the ability to upload “New Patient Registration Forms”, receive personal client documents and tax forms, and receive secure messages of any kind on any device, all while staying HIPAA compliant. Put our Secure Contact Form on your website to replace your current contact form today.

Implement Proper Safeguards

From patient files and health records to tax documents and payment information, your clients now can upload files securely with no hassle.

Secure File Upload

Allow website visitors to upload files and documents up to 200 MB in size securely on your website in a matter of seconds.

Use It With...

Email Signature Block (hyperlink), Contact Page (on your website), Social Media (Profile) Credit Card Information, and much more!