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With the recent Community Health Systems network breach that has compromised the likes of 4.5 million patient records, the importance of digital security returns to the forefront of technological news. More than 200 hospitals (spanning 28 states) have been significantly affected by a syndicate of Chinese hackers that Federal Investigators are calling the culprits of previous “corporate espionage,” putting millions of patients at risk of identity fraud.

Although credit card information was not obtained, patients that directly fall victim to this crime are still susceptible to a range of malicious, post-breach infringements, including the opening of false bank accounts, credit cards, and the withdrawal of false loans, wholly jeopardizing a patient’s personal credit history. This latest cyber breach is just one of many within the past few years – last December’s credit card breach exposed more than 40 million customers’ information, being one of the largest in history – shouldn’t be taken lightly, and if anything, should be seen as a precursor of what the future holds in terms of larceny.

No longer is your typical household burglary the most efficient, most valuable means of theft for perpetrators, as banks, corporations, and organizations (such as Community Health Systems) have become preeminent, invaluable cyber-targets.


Now the question becomes, what can you do to help protect yourself, and your business, from inevitable future breaches?

This is where NeoCertified comes in – an email security solution that meets legal standards, and more importantly, conceals the most sensitive of information, including that of both clients and employees, with the click of a button.

Since 2002, NeoCertified has been protecting and assisting companies and their respective clients in compliance with HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, SOX, and GLBA regulations. This intuitive solution requires no software download, no on-premises applications or appliances, and can be easily accessed from any internet-connected device. NeoCertified secure email is a cloud-based email encryption that even works on the go, fortifying your email connection wherever you may be, ensuring that all of your emails, including any attachments of business records and your clients’ confidential records are kept just that, confidential. (Mobile email encryption, which works fluidly with any mobile device, is also offered via NeoMobile.)

But, even the most secure of systems may become vulnerable if proper maintenance precautions aren’t taken, which is why all NeoCertified systems are constantly being updated, reinforcing an already staunch security system.

Theft and defraudation methods have evolved as the world’s state-of-the-art technological advances become easier to access. One of the best ways to keep your technological precautions and digital security systems one step ahead is with a secure email encryption solution that gives you and your clients’ a full understanding that your information is sealed and protected.



Samuel Lang

NeoCertified – Content Manager



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