OTC recipient option

One-time passcode for NeoCertified secure messaging encryption.

We are happy to announce the release of our new One-Time Passcode option! Recipients can now choose to sign in using a One-Time Code to open and view encrypted messages.

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Faster Access

Recipients now have 2 options when opening a secure message.

Once a recipient receives a “secure email notification”, they can then open it by either creating an account or using the new OTC method, “click here to open using one-time code”.

When clicking the OTC link, a new browser will open and a code will be sent to your email address or the user can request that it be sent to their mobile device. The code will only be VALID FOR 1 HOUR and if a new code is requested, all other codes prior will be invalid. Using the OTC method will allow you to only view one message. You can also “reply” using the OTC method but cannot “reply all”.

Clicking on the “Click here to open your secure message” option will take you to the login screen, and you will be prompted to log in.

Step 1. Receive email notification. The recipient can select to open secure email message with the one-time code.

Below you will see the option to use the new OTC method.

Step 2. Receive a one-time code.

After choosing the One-Time Passcode option, an email with a code will be sent to the requester’s email. The code is valid for 1 hour and once plugged into the system, will allow the user to open their secure message.

Step 3. Access secure message.

By using the One-Time Passcode method, the user will only be able to view and “reply” to the single secure email message. The user may also choose the “Click here to open your secure message” option, which will allow access to the dashboard with other system features and secure messages.

Ready for better email security?

NeoCertified is here for all your email security needs.