Secure Email Archiving

NeoCertified’s Secure Email Archiving Solution is ideal for those who are wanting to store, access, & deliver archives of all previously sent & received encrypted email messages & attachments.

How Does Secure Email Archiving Work?

Secure email archiving is the process of safeguarding and transferring email communication such as, encrypted messages and attachments, in a format that can be electronically stored, indexed, retrieved, and searched. Email archiving is typically used for business continuity and disaster recovery, internal audits and investigations, managing records and files, and much more.

What's Included?
  • With our Secure Email Archiving option, we include a customizable company-level Encryption Key with each account. You can be sure that your business’ encrypted messages are safely archived at all times and that your organization is the only one with access to the associated key. Our goal is to protect you and your business with only the best security solutions.
Cloud-Based Secure Portal
  • From our secure portal, you can verify exactly when a recipient opens a message, as well as when they open an attachment
  • NeoCertified also has a reminder system in place which will send a “Reminder Email” to both the recipient and the sender in the event that a secure email has not been opened within a sender-specified period of time.
  • You can also choose to receive a confirmation email when your message is opened.
  • NeoCertified users can choose to have their secure messages retained anywhere from 1 day to 7 years.
  • We create a co-branded webpage inside of the secure portal so that all your recipients see your corporate logo when they log in to retrieve your secure message.
NeoCertified Licenses
  • We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchased NeoCertified licenses.
  • For NeoCertified clients that purchase 10 or more licenses, CustomerConnect (our secure contact form widget) can be included with your purchase at no additional charge.
  • Discounts are available for Non-profit organizations and for large quantity license purchases.
Third-Party Capability
  • You can send & receive secure emails directly in Outlook (2010 | 2013 | 2016 | 2019 & Outlook 365) as well with any Internet browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
  • Our Outlook button is a dual-threaded process, which allows you to send large files from Outlook and continue to work within Outlook while the file is being transmitted.
  • You can send files as large as 20 MB from Outlook (limited by Microsoft) and up to 100MB via our secure cloud-based portal depending on your ISP bandwidth limitations.
  • NeoCertified also works directly with 3rd-party applications that use Microsoft Outlook to send emails. You can start sending documents and PDFs securely directly from your 3rd-party applications using NeoCertified’s secure button inside of Outlook.

Managing Your Secure Data

You can take your Secure Archiving Repository to any storage environment. Your organization can customize its own private encryption key for security, and all sent/received secure email messages.

NeoCertified utilizes AES 256-bit encryption in transit and in storage, along with public key cryptology (RSA 2048). Contact us for the full spec sheet! Don’t forget to fill out our form to request more information about our Secure Email Archiving Solution!

Secure Email Archiving

Digitally Store Your Emails With Our Secure Email Archiving Solution