Secure Email Archiving

Retain your secure email
messages on your own device.

Protect and retain your secure email messages via our Secure Email Archiving feature which allows you to synchronize your NeoCertified account with an outside device of your own choosing.

Portal Access

Verify exactly when a recipient opens a message and/or attachment, you can also choose to receive a confirmation email when your message is opened.

Tech Support

Get support when you need it! No bots, no gimmicks just our US-based support team! You can even schedule a remote session to help get you started!


Free Trial Available

Contact us today to receive a free 7-day Secure Email trial. We also offer 30-day money-back guarantees on all purchased NeoCertified products.

Security for yourself and Business

Safely archive data only you or your company can access

NeoCertified’s Secure Email Archiving Solution is a synchronized email storage gateway for those who are wanting to store & access previously sent and received encrypted email messages and attachments to an outside harddrive or storage device.


Years Experience

NeoCertified has been providing businesses of all kinds with military-grade data encryption since 2002

Ultra-fast. Advanced Searching. Secure Archive.

Digitally store your emails to be accessed when you need them

Our Secure Email Archiving software includes a customizable company-level Encryption Key with each account. You can be sure that your business’ encrypted messages are safely archived at all times and that your organization is the only one with access to your archived data. Our goal is to protect you and your business with only the best security services.

Which regulatory compliance standards does NeoCertified meet?

Our email archiving solution simplifies legal discovery and regulatory compliance by keeping all of your email records secure and organized and easily allowing you to place legal holds on mail. All of our products are federally compliant and meet the standards of the following regulations:

  • SEC
  • SOX
  • GLBA
  • FCRA
  • GDPR

Integrated Email Archiving

Does NeoCertified’s Secure Email Archiving integrate with my current email service?

MIcrosoft Outlook Compatible

Our Secure Email Archiving software seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook email applications making it easier than ever to store your emails.

Office 365

Want to link your Office 365 account to our Secure Email Archiving? We can configure your emails directly into your data repository with easier access.

Gmail Compatible

Our secure email solutions have been designed to harmoniously integrate with the most popular email applications including Gmail & Edge.

Data retention period

Our secure email archiving service gives you the functionality to fully customize your retention policy, allowing you to set your desired retention period to whatever you’d like. Typically, general business email correspondence should be retained for a period of 5 to 10 years that being on the safer side. Specific legal, financial, and contract items will require between 5 and 10 years of retention. Exceptions can require a longer retention period that includes no expiration date and is archived.

Set Your Own retention period

It is recommended that any important or sensitive documents and communications be retained for at least 7 years. This may differ depending on the industry.

GDPR & SOX Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) aim to protect the public from fraudulent practices by big corporations.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Not happy or satisfied with our products? No matter what email solutions you are trying out or purchasing, you can receive your money back in full within 30 days.

Secure email archiving

Manage your sensitive business data with
NeoCertified’s Secure Email Archiving Solution
Starting at $195/yr

You can take your Secure Archiving Repository to any email server. Your IT department can customize its private encryption key for data security, and all sent/received secure email messages.

NeoCertified utilizes AES 256-bit encryption in transit and storage and public key cryptology (RSA 2048) to keep your email data safe. Contact us for the full spec sheet! Don’t forget to fill out our form to request more information about our Secure Email Archiving Solution!

If you’re interested in add Secure Email Archiving to your existing NeoCertified subscription, please email us directly at with the subject line “Secure Email Archiving” and your expressed interest in the product in the body of the message.

Compliance Requirements With NeoCertified

Questions about security and email archiving

What type of data protection does NeoCertified offer?

Our secure email application uses a Transport Layer Security Protocol Communication (TLS 1.2) to authenticate and encrypt data securely when transferred over a network by any internet-connected device. Our application also incorporates NIST Certified AES 256-bit Encryption that converts data to an unintelligible form called ciphertext that is nearly impossible to breach.

We utilize Tamper-Proof email archiving

Tamper-proof email archiving allows your business or organization to remain safe and be in compliance with all legal obligations surrounding your specific industry. All archived emails are securely stored in the United States and encrypted with communication and security protocols and electronic sealing, legally guaranteeing the authenticity of all your important emails, documents, and records.

Do we have a disaster recovery solution?

Email disaster recovery is an essential part of email security, and when email goes down, businesses will quickly grind to a halt which is why NeoCertified maintains extensive failover ability with detailed recovery and a business continuity plan to help with any natural disaster that could take place ensuring all over your sensitive data is safe no matter the circumstances.

Email scalability with NeoCertified

Our engineers have built a scalable and well-designed UX email infrastructure, allowing clients and their recipients to send millions of emails per month, seamlessly handling your data privacy to ensure that your emails get to the right place at the right time.