Secure Email Archiving

NeoCertified’s Secure Email Archiving solution is ideal for those who are desiring to store, access, & deliver archives of all previously sent & received encrypted email messages & attachments.

Secure Email Solution Made Simple

Secure Email Archiving 

Off-Site Storage

With NeoCertified’s Encrypted Email Archiving, your organization can route your secure messages to a chosen off-site storage center. Use your own hardware, your own secure environment, and store all of your previously sent & received NeoCertified secure messages.


Encrypted Email Archiving

Encrypted Email Archiving allows each company to store their sensitive messages in an encrypted fashion for indefinite periods of time. Once your organization has customized your own encryption key, you can protect all of your data in an off-site storage environment.


Meet Compliance Requirements

Store every email that is sent or received from your organization in an encrypted fashion to meet your compliance requirements. From HIPAA to SEC, FINRA & FERPA, all of your compliance requirements for email can be met, as well as its archiving requirements.

Company-Level Encryption Key

With our Archiving option, we include a customizable company-level Encryption Key with each account. You can be sure that your business’ encrypted messages are safely archived at all times and that your organization is the only one with access to the associated key. Our goal is to protect you and your business with only the best security.

Managing Your Secure Data

You can take your secure Archiving Repository to any storage environment. Your organization can customize its own private encryption key for security, and all sent/received secure email messages.

NeoCertified utilizes AES 256-bit encryption in transit and in storage, along with public key cryptology (RSA 2048). Contact us for the full spec sheet! Don’t forget to fill out our form to receive a customized quote!