Secure email encryption for Gmail

Take your Gmail to the next level.

Gmail continues to be one of the most popular email applications due to its simple interface and effortless integration with Google Workspaces and the G Suite. However, the security surrounding your Gmail account may not be enough. NeoCertified’s Gmail Plugin Extension will add end-to-end encryption to your Google Chrome email ensuring that your data is safe at all times. Check out more options below to see what best suits your security needs!

Email encryption.

in transit & in storage.

After purchasing a NeoCertified license, you can download our Gmail Extension directly from the Google Chrome Web Store for Free. Send and receive encrypted emails, attachments, and much more with our Gmail Extension! Your private data will thank you!

Next Level Encryption

Love the power of encryption with our tailor-made Gmail Extension! Email security is now easier than ever before!

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Try our Gmail Extension today and if you’re not 100% satisfied get your money back within 30 days!

Google Play

Head over to the Google Play Store to download the NeoCertified app in a matter of seconds!

Send Attachments

You can also send and receive encrypted attachments right from your Gmail browser.

See how easy our Gmail/Google Chrome Extension is to use.

After logging into your Gmail/Google Chrome application, you’ll be able to start sending NeoCertified messages. Click on the video above to learn more.

Gmail Email Encryption

Customer Support

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Get help installing your Gmail/Google Chrome Extension by scheduling a remote session with one of our US-based support reps. Whether you’re using Gmail from the web or the application, we’ll help you get set up.

Gmail Email Encryption

Mobile App

Head over to the Google Play Store to download our app.

Our secure mobile app is iOS and Android compatible! Just head over to the Google Play Store to download it in a matter of seconds. From the app, you’ll have access to our Secure Cloud-Based Portal, be able to send secure emails, and so much more.

Gmail Email Encryption

HIPAA Compliant Email

Make your Google email application HIPAA compliant.

Make your Google email application HIPAA compliant with our Gmail Extension. You’ll be able to send and receive HIPAA compliant emails and attachments right from your application browser with no portals, no extra sign-ins, or passwords.

Secure email encryption for Gmail

Tailor-made solutions.

TLS? S/MIME? PGP? When trying to understand the ins and outs of email security, how hackers go phishing for data or encrypted messages services, it can be easy to get lost in a mess of acronyms, add-ons, and apps that claim to provide secure email services as long as you are an expert in integration, TLS encryption, and cybersecurity. At NeoCertified, we take all the guesswork out of securing sensitive information in your email messages. Easy to use and with an added layer of security, you can’t go wrong with NeoCertified– the best way to secure your data!

NeoCertified is the best way to secure your sensitive data.

We also offer a plethora of FAQs, Support videos, and 24/7 US-based customer support. Our Gmail/Google Chrome Extension for secure email is easy to install and will give you the ability to send and receive encrypted emails from within your application browser. Our Gmail Encryption Extension is highly secured and takes only minutes to set up.

"If you can use email, you can use NeoCertified."

Kevin A.
Director of Technology, Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

NeoCertified is the most user-friendly!

The online web interface is easy to use, customer service is great, and typically same day, and the Google Chrome integration is very easy and convenient.”

Alan W.
Deputy Director, Adult Care Management Inc.

Simple to Use!

I like that it is simple to use and that you have all the security steps included that I am required to have. My clients don’t have to be sent any additional codes either.

Sally W.
Employer Group Health Insurance and Benefits

Ready to become HIPAA Compliant?

NeoCertified is here for all your email security needs.