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How do I log in to the NeoCertified Portal?

To log in to your account as a current NeoCertified user, you can visit the NeoCertified login page

You can also see watch the video guide on how to log in, below:


How do I log in to the NeoCertified Portal for my first time?

To log in to your account for the very first time, you can visit the link provided in the “Welcome Instructions”.

If you’re still unsure on what to do, simply watch the video guide on how to log in, below:


I've forgotten my NeoCertified password. What do I do now?

You simply need to select “Forgot Your Password” from the login page,, to receive an email with instructions on how to create a new password. If you are not in one of these databases please contact us.

You can also see watch the video guide on how to reset your password, below:


I've just received my first secure email as a recipient. How do I open my message?

If this is your first time receiving a secure email from a NeoCertified User, you’ll be able to access your message after taking the following steps:

Click the button “Click Here To Open Your Secure Message” within the notification email.
Set up a Password & Password Question/Answer for future access to the secure portal.
Click the message’s blue Subject Line to open the message.
View the message, download any attachments, and reply with your own secure response.
You can also watch a short tutorial right here or visit our Recipient Page:


How do I read my NeoCertified secure email?

First Time Recipients: If you have received an email stating that you have a NeoCertified secure email, select the “Click here to open your secure message” box in the email message. Enter your email address and password (or create a password if it’s the first time you have accessed NeoCertified) to access your account. You will be in the Inbox and you will see your received messages. Then, simply click on the “blue” link in the “Subject” column to access your message.

Full NeoCertified Users: Access the NeoCertified log-in page, enter your email address and password to access your account. Then select the Inbox and you will see your messages. Simply click on the “blue” link in the “Subject” to access your message.

You can also watch the video below to see how to open your secure message:


How do I send multiple files with NeoCertified?

View HerePlace all the files you wish to attach into one folder.
View HereRight click on the folder and hover over “Send to”
View HereSelect the option “Compressed (zipped) folder”.
View HereYour system will now create a compressed folder with all of the files inside. Now, all you have to do is attach that compressed folder to your email.

Other Popular Questions

How do I retract a secure email?

View HereLog into your NeoCertified Account through the secure web portal.
View HereSelect the “Track Sent” folder.
View HereFind the message you wish to retract, and select the check box next to it.
View HereSelect “Retract Selected”; your message is now retracted and the recipient(s) will no longer be able to access it.
Please note: if you have sent your secure email to multiple recipients and you retract the email, none of the recipients will be able to access the email.


I received an error message stating that "You are not the owner of the message". What do I do?

Chances are, you have multiple email addresses and you are accessing your NeoCertified message with an email address that differs from that of what the sender intended.  Simply select the NeoCertified message link again and enter your alternate email address.

You can also watch a video guide on how to correct the owner error issue right here:


IP Address Was Blocked

If you receive this message, it is a result of too many invalid actions taking place to quickly on the NeoCertified website. Please contact NeoCertified Support by calling 877.613.5036 to have your IP address unblocked.

The “To:” address in my NeoCertified message is grayed out & I cannot enter an email address.

If the “To:” address is grayed out in your NeoCertified message, it means that you are a recipient of a NeoCertified secure email and can only reply to the original sender of the NeoCertified message.

How do I attach documents to my NeoCertified secure email?

To attach a document (any type such as a PDF, DOC, XLS, etc), while in the message “Compose Mail” page, simply select the “Browse” button, select the file you want to attach, select “open” and when the file is displayed in the “Attachment” window to the left of the “Browse” button, select the “Attach File” button to the right of the window to link the document to your NeoCertified message.  To add additional messages, just repeat the same steps.

What is the largest file size that I can attach to a NeoCertified secure email?

Via the NeoCertified web portal, you can send any type of file up to 100 MB.  Depending on your systems bandwidth, you may be able to send larger files but if you get a system error stating your file is too large, you have a couple of options: first, you can ZIP the file to compress it’s size (there are a number of free ZIP file programs available on the Internet to compress your files) or you can simply break up your large file into smaller files and send them individually.

What kind of files can I attach to a NeoCertified secure email?

You can attach any type of file (.PDF, DOC, XLS, TIF, GIF, etc) up to approximately 30 MB in size.  You can send larger files depending on your system’s bandwidth.

I've received a message that states there is no space left to send messages. What should I do?

First, you will want to access your account and delete any unnecessary messages in your Inbox, Draft or Sent folders (or any other folder that you may have created).  Then, simply select the check box to the left of each message and then select the “Delete” button on the bottom of the page to remove each selected message.  Then, and most importantly, you need to access the “Trash” folder, select the files to permanently deleted by clicking on the check box to the left of each message and then select “Delete”.

If you need to permanently increase your storage size for archiving your sent & received secure emails, contact NeoCertified Support at or call us at 877-613-5036 to find out the cost for increasing your storage limit.

You can also watch the video guide on how to manage your disk space here:


If we did not address your question here, give us a call at 877-613-5036 or send an email to


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