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How NeoCertified Works (General Overview)

Check out our quick overview of how NeoCertified works from any browser, Outlook, or mobile device, and the many different products that can help ensure your digital safety.

Healthcare (Overview)

Sending ePHI securely is a must, learn how NeoCertified can help your business maintain HIPAA compliance.

Secure Portal (Overview)

Sending a secure email is easy with NeoCertified, learn how to access our secure portal and send start sending secure emails from any web browser.

   The Recipient Experience

See how easy it is for your recipients to read and respond securely to your secure emails. It’s a free and simple process!

NeoCertified With Outlook 2013

See how easily you can send and receive secure email directly from Outlook 2013 with our integrated NeoCertified secure button.

NeoCertified With Outlook 2010

See how easy it is to send and receive secure emails directly from your Outlook 2010 application.

Secure Mobile Email

NeoCertified has you covered on all of your mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones; send and receive secure emails from anywhere in the world.


Do your customers ever need to reach you in a secure manner? Well, now they can! Watch how CustomerConnect allows your customers to send you a secure email directly on your own website.

Support Videos

Setting Up Your Account

Need a tutorial on setting up your account for the very first time? Watch the video to learn how to get started with NeoCertified.

Send Your First Secure Email!

Learn how to send your first secure email through NeoCertified.

Install NeoCertified In Outlook

Need to install our integrated NeoCertified secure Outlook button? Learn how to do so right here!

Setting Up Large File Transfer

Learn how to install our Secure Large File Transfer Client on your desktop.

Re-enable Outlook 2010 Button

If your NeoCertified send/receive buttons can no longer be seen in Outlook, learn how you can re-enable them yourself.


Disk Space Limit

Are you getting an error notifying you that your account has run out of disk space? Learn how to manage your disk space right here.

Forgot Your Password?

See how easy it is to reset your password for your NeoCertified account.

“Not The Owner Of This Message” Error

See what might cause this error, and check out the steps that will allow you to open the secure email and what you can to do to prevent this from happening in the future.

Re-enable Outlook 2013 Button

If your send and/or receive NeoCertified button(s) have disappeared, learn how you can re-enable them in a matter of seconds.

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