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Allow your clients, email recipients, website visitors and anyone who can see your signature block to send you secure messages using NeoCertified in a matter of seconds.

This eliminates the need for them to log in or create an account… all they have to do is click the Secure Signature Link in your email signature block, fill out the form like the one seen below, and voila!

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The Secure Web Form (seen on the right) is similar to what your clients will see after they click on your Secure Signature Link and are ready to send you secure email messages and documents. This comes with the Secure Signature Link purchase, and can be placed on your own website or on a dedicated NeoCertified webpage such as

You can allocate up to six drop-down fields for the “Send To” section for your clients, patients, and visitors to choose from when sending their secure messages & documents.

So, What’s A Secure Web Form?

The Secure Web Form from NeoCertified is an HTML-encrypted contact form that can be placed anywhere on your website or on This is what truly makes the Secure Signature Link operate, as it is what allows your clients to send you secure messages without needing a NeoCertified account.

All information sent from the form is encrypted and protected. Once sent, the designated email address in NeoCertified that receives the secure messages from the form will receive a notification email which informs you that secure message is waiting. Simply log in to your NeoCertified account to view the contents of the message and download any included attached documents.

Secure Signature Link

Offering a secure inbound email channel for website visitors to interact with your company cultivates an image of responsiveness, accessibility, and concern for your client’s security and well-being.

Show your visitors, clients, and customers that you really do care with the NeoCertified Secure Signature Link.

Secure Form

  • Our user-friendly design of the Secure Form makes implementation and adoption effortless.
  • Anyone with an internet connection has the ability to use secure communication intuitively and effectively.
  • Place the piece of provided HTML code on any webpage of your choosing or on

Use-Case Scenarios

Ways Secure Signature Link can be used:
• Allow clients to upload “New Patient Registration Forms”
• Receive personal client documents / tax forms
Receive secure messages of any kind!
• Secure Contact Form on your own website to replace your current form


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When given the choice, people like to communicate & do business on their own terms, our goal is to make that a reality!