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Log in to your Office 365 account and select Microsoft Outlook.

Compose New Email

Compose your secure message like you would any other email.

Send NeoCertified

To send a secure email click on the "... dot icon" at the bottom of the email message and click "send NeoCertified"

Microsoft Office 365 Email Encryption

Sending encrypted emails in Office 365 is as easy as 1,2,3!

HIPAA Compliance With Office 365

Make your Office 365 email application HIPAA compliant today with our encrypted Office 365 email Add-In. Start sending HIPAA-compliant emails, attachments, and ePHI right from your application browser.

Tech Support

Help is here when you need it! Receive expert service and support from our US-based customer support team. You can even schedule a remote session to receive help with installing any of our integrated secure Add-Ins or Extensions.

iOS & Android App

Head to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to download our Mobile Email App and send secure emails from your mobile devices. There is no hardware to install or software to maintain, just download the app to start sending.

NeoCertified For Office 365

HIPAA compliance
right out of the box!

Protect sensitive information, send encrypted messages, and make your Microsoft Office 365 or Outlook email account HIPAA compliant today with our secure email solutions.

Office 365 Add-In Features:
Send Encrypted Emails
Receive Encrypted Emails
Right From Your Browser!

Ensure Consistent Security Across Platforms

Interoperability With
Office 365 Applications

Enhance user experience and enable valuable business connections by ensuring consistent experiences across Microsoft Office 365 platforms and environments.

Our Office 365 Add-In is compatible with all third-party applications that utilize the Microsoft Outlook email platform. Start sending encrypted data from Office 365 platforms such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and many others!

Outlook Capability
IRM Functionalility
Office 365 OME

Microsoft Outlook Integration

We are happy to offer all of our new and existing clients a complimentary Microsoft Outlook Add-In for secure email services. Whether the intended recipient is a Microsoft account user, Gmail account, or something else– NeoCertified message encryption capabilities protect your customer’s sensitive data and follow transport rules for online compliance. Exchange online, encrypted email messages directly from your browser with NeoCertified!

Protect Sensitive Data

NeoCertified’s Microsoft Office 365 Encryption Solution now includes Information Rights Management (IRM) functionality that offers online and offline protection of email messages and attachments.

Office 365 Message Encryption

Emory is using Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) to encrypt outgoing email messages. OME allows Emory users to send emails to external users and ensures the individual message is transmitted securely and visible only to the intended recipient.