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Heavy in encryption.

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Ensure compliance requirements, get dlp (data loss prevention) to minimize external threats with our easy-to-use Secure Email Solution. An anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spam, and advanced threat protection system is key to keeping sensitive emails and attachments safe and secure in your inbound and outbound emails.

Eliminate External Threats From Email

Take control of your online email security today by eliminating unauthorized access to your email systems via phishing attacks, malicious emails, spear-phishing, and other modern cyberattacks!

HIPAA Compliance Is Just A Click Away

NeoCertified ensures the encryption of all emails containing HIPAA-specific safeguards including administrative, physical, and technical. Our HIPAA-compliant email solution is compliant with all regulations.

24/7 US-Based Customer Support

Get support when you need it! No bots, no gimmicks, just our support team! You can even schedule a remote session to receive assistance in installing any of our integrated Add-Ins or Extensions!

Non-Profit Pricing 501(c)3 Organizations

We are happy to offer 501(c)3 Non-Profit organizations single-user accounts starting at just $59 billed annually. For multiple user quotes please contact our sales team so we can provide greater discounts for you and your employees!

Secure Cloud-Based Portal: The ultimate in Cloud email security.

Access your inbox, compose new messages, and configure your preferences for inbound and outbound emails all by way of our secure email gateway.

Email should be easy

Email security software to track your emails.

Our built-in notification system will send a reminder email to both the recipient and sender in the event a secure email is not opened within a sender-specified time period. Additionally, you can receive a confirmation email when your message has been opened. From the portal, you can also verify exactly when an end-user or recipient opens a message as well as when they open an attachment. Our Secure Email Security Gateway Solution isn’t just built for our clients, it’s built for everyone!

Secure Email Encryption

Microsoft and Gmail encryption

Encryption right in your email application.

NeoCertified’s Microsoft Outlook Add-in takes only seconds to install and allows you to send and receive secure emails directly from your email application mailboxes with protection from phishing attempts, malicious content, unwanted parties, and impersonation emails.

Download our Gmail Extension right from the Google Chrome Web Store and you’ll be able to send and receive secure emails, attach sensitive documents, and protect your company from data leaks, phishing emails, cyber threats, and more.

Endless features & products
Gmail Email Encryption

Secure Forms

Connect securely with your clients directly on your website.

Give your website visitors access to a protected channel of online communication directly from your website. Don’t have your website? Don’t worry we can host your Secure Form for you! Choose between a pre-built HTML form or customize your very own to specifically fit your requirements or website visitor’s needs.

Gmail Email Encryption

Secure Mobile Encryption

Send and receive secure emails wherever you are.

Our Secure Email Portal App is easy to use and is complete with a free HIPAA compliant Business Associates Agreement (BAA). There is no hardware, encryption keys, or server software needed to install or maintain, just download the NeoCertified App and you’ll be able to start sending secure emails in seconds!

"I really needed to find a company I could trust!"

Jack P.
Attorney, Pitts & Burns

Integrates Well With Outlook!

You compose an email as usual and simply click the “Send Encrypted” button instead of the normal Send button. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

Eric W.
President, Computer Central Inc.

Simple to Use!

I like that it is simple to use and that you have all the security steps included that I am required to have. My clients don’t have to be sent any additional codes either.

Sally W.
Employer Group Health Insurance and Benefits

Ready to become HIPAA Compliant?

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