Email Security

First Off, You Need Better Email Security!

Protecting your home, or your finances from criminals with a secure bank account or home security system is a no-brainer, right? Well protecting your sensitive email messages should be no different. I mean you wouldn’t just leave your front door open when running for coffee or grabbing groceries, someone could easily walk in and take your belongings, believe it or not, the same could happen with an unprotected email message.

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, many people are choosing or being forced to work from home, and while it was nearly impossible to anticipate a global shift like this, cybercriminals are having a field day with online attacks that are mostly linked to weak online security. Standard email systems such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook use what is known as “vanilla text exchange” or “plain text” to distribute messages from sender to recipient. While this may seem like a standard practice, it is important to know that these messages are being sent and delivered without proper security or encryption. So, what are email security and email encryption?

What is Email Security?

Email security refers to applying various techniques and procedures for protecting email accounts and unauthorized access. This means using strong passwords and security questions, anti-virus protection, spam filters, image and content control, Two Factor Authentication (TFA), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and incorporating secure internet connection technology such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), or HTTPS.

What is Email Encryption?

Email encryption is the icing on the cake… it will literally disguise your email the entire way through the sending/receiving process and even in storage. The ultimate goal here is to make sure that the content from within the message is only readable by the intended recipient and nobody else. Now you might be asking can an encrypted email be hacked… and for almost any reliable modern email encryption service such as NeoCertified, the answer is going to be no.

Why is Email Encryption Necessary?

Email encryption is essential in day-to-day business or personal communication because it is ensuring the protection of internal and external sensitive data and allows people to communicate securely while also protecting their inboxes. Hackers have the ability to use unsecured email networks to breach an entire inbox leaving all of your messages at risk, and if you’re a healthcare business that deals with ePHI or PHI you’re basically just asking for a significant fine from Health and Human Services (HHS). Email encryption is the most reliable way you can protect sensitive data from online breaches and other external threats. Even in this day and age email is the primary form of business communication, so protect your brand’s reputation with a reliable email encryption service such as NeoCertified!


It is important to understand the differences between email encryption and email security so you can implement both in your day-to-day business or personal communication and minimize external threats. Try to avoid using plain text exchange when sending sensitive messages or attachments as this is the most vulnerable form of online communication and can easily be intercepted or hacked by an online attack. Stay one step ahead from cyberthieves and protect your information today with NeoCertified.