Large File Transfer

Have you ever tried to send a large attachment or file to someone, only to be rejected by your email application? It’s actually a pretty common issue many people encounter on a day-to-day basis and can be a very troubling dilemma.

All standard email platforms have size limitations that will affect how you send and receive large file formats like videos, photos, and e-books. Aside from understanding what the maximum file size is for your particular email platform, it is also important to know what the average size of a “large file” is and what the maximum file size your email service supports.

A “large file” typically applies to a file that exceeds 25MB in size on a 64-bit operating system and depending on the email service you’re using will depend on how large of a file you’re able to send. Standard email platforms like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook have limits that hover around the 20MB threshold, which means you’re unable to send those file sizes in a single email message… this can make things difficult.

NeoCertified’s Secure Large File Transfer option includes 50GB of overall storage and allows an individual to send encrypted attachments and files up to 2GB in size – nearly 100x the limit of your standard email platforms. So not only will your large files be protected from online hackers, but you won’t have to deal with that frustrating error notification you keep running into.

This feature is available as an additional purchase with any standard NeoCertified account.