Safe Travels…

It’s no secret that traveling has become somewhat of a high-security risk for everyone these days, from the numerous data breaches that plague consumers in every city to the travel warnings/alerts that play into our worst fears as tourists.

So, let’s help alleviate some of that anxiety this holiday season with a singular solution that will help keep both your finances and your identity safe.

It’s called a Secure Briefcase.

I know what you’re thinking, “What does a briefcase have to do with protecting my identity?”

Well, it’s not a tangible briefcase per se; it’s a digital safe-hold for all of your private information.

Using a secure email solution (like NeoCertified), you’re able to create specific folders inside of your secure portal that can be used to store private information — especially during your travels — when your information is most susceptible… hence where we get the name briefcase.

If you were to lose your passport or credit card, you’d have a backup copy inside of your Secure Briefcase.

Quick & easy steps for setting up your own Secure Briefcase:

1. Consolidate Your Information

To ensure that your briefcase protects you through and through, consolidate all important documents, credit cards, passports, phone numbers, and account numbers that you may need during your trip.

Any piece of valuable or personal information that may be useful to you on your trip — or in case of emergency — should be included.

2. Log In To Your Secure Portal

Log in to the secure Cloud-based portal where all of your information will be stored.

If you happen to be using NeoCertified, go to the NeoCertified Secure Portal to access your secure account.

You can access our Secure Portal from any internet-connected device.


3. Create A New Folder

Create a new folder inside of your secure portal.

This will allow you to separate your received emails and documents from the pieces of personally identifiable information that will be uploaded before your trip.

You can then customize the name of the folder.

4. Upload All Of Your Documents


Upload your documents or images onto your computer in a format that you’ll be able to access from any type of internet-connected device — PDFs are some of the most universally accepted file types across both computers and mobile devices.

Now, compose a new secure message to yourself with the attached documents. You can also compose text-based messages with account numbers and credit cards instead of using actual images.

Send the message to yourself, and subsequently move the secure messages to your newly created “Secure Briefcase” folder inside of your secure portal.

Make sure the expiration date of the message does not coincide with your trip; to be on the safe side, disable expiration or set the expiration to a year in advance.

5. Keep Your Briefcase Secure

Once your documents have been securely stored inside the Secure Briefcase, you’ll be able to access them during your travels.

If you were to lose a passport, misplace a credit card, or forget one of your bank account numbers, simply log in to your secure portal and access the information right from your Secure Briefcase.

Also, make sure that you reset your secure portal password before traveling just as a precautionary measure.


Happy Holidays from NeoCertified!