Federal and state email compliance is a growing demand.

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Secure email compliance is paramount.

Regardless of your company’s industry, state, federal, and corporate laws and regulations have increasingly become stricter about secure email policies. The common practice of adding a disclaimer to the bottom of an email is no longer a sufficient solution. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that is sent through an email must now be protected to avoid penalty.

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It is essential to send confidential information through secure email.

Whether it’s a breach that affects not only your company’s reputation, but your client’s well-being, or a heavy penalty that disrupts your entire business from progressing, the benefits of using a secure email solution, when sending sensitive information, far outweigh the repercussions.

Secure email is the solution.

Federal and state regulations make companies responsible for all forms of PII that is accessible, meaning that all sensitive information communicated through email should be protected. Regular email systems are no longer sufficient, as they are potential targets of data breaches by outside sources; protect your confidential documents today with secure email compliance.

Secure, monitor, and audit your emails.

Protect, monitor, and review all secure emails and attachments for policy compliance. You can also audit all secure emails and attachments for regulatory purposes, as our system utilizes a non-repudiation email signature.

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